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24 songs 78 min – Track Listing

  1. Everchanging View

  2. Picture Of You

  3. Heaven In The Distance

  4. Fields of Space

  5. Petal

  6. Miles From Home

  7. Something Missing

  8. Some People

  9. More Famous Than Jesus

  10. Butterfly

  11. Sometimes The Rain

  12. Cassandra

  13. Weaver

  14. Alans Song

  15. We Were Friends

  16. Pieces of Me

  17. Tears in Sanctuary

  18. Myself to Me

  19. Kissing Me

  20. Dancing in the Garden

  21. Wings For U

  22. Wash Away

  23. Painted My Lover

  24. Dream Beautiful

After a seven year wait this amazing album is finally being released. It seems to be a certainty that it was to be completed as it has endured and unfolded despite many setbacks.

It has inspired some people especially those involved in the making of it and the interest it is stirring amongst music lovers is gaining in momentum.

The flowery, blossoming musicians who gave their time and talent are as much a part of this album as its creator and I thank them from the bottom of my goldfish bowl.

All twenty four songs have been written by Greg Reid except the lyrics for “Cassandra” & “Alan’s Song”. Many thanks to the amazing artist Alan Aldridge for his kind permission and encouragement for “Cassandra” to be on the CD.

The Lyrics for “Alan’s Song” were found in a lost diary of someone who is no longer here ~ thank you where ever you are

So be kind to yourself, give yourself something you deserve, something you will like, that will bring you joy and an overwhelming feeling of having done the right thing – buy this CD and watch your friends throw their music collections out the window to replace it with this one amazing album of songs.

Enjoy and Blossom On

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  1. on 25 Oct 2007 at 4:40 pm Rozlina Mohlas

    A very beautiful songs especially for Butterfly.

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