WATCH by Manfred Mann’s Earth Band was an album released in 1978.
I used to listen to this album a lot during my time at high school.
Sometimes a friend and I would listen to this album on the way to school, a slice of freedom before the gates and doors slammed shut and imprisoned us for the next seven hours.
I loved this album then and I love it now especially the songs ‘Martha’s Madman’  ‘Circles’ and ‘Drowning On Dry Land/Fish Soup’.

Young people now a day’s (I can’t believe I’m actually said that), probably wouldn’t know who Manfred Mann’s Earth Band is but they have brought out some great albums.
It was hard to choose from them all but I think for me, WATCH is certainly the one that I regard as special.
The last track is a live version of Bob Dylan’s ‘Mighty Quinn’ that is full of energy and has a great solo in it.

Funny thing is, my friend who used to listen to this album with me on our way to school had the last name of Quinn, I wonder where and how he is now?.

So if you like music from the seventies, wrap yourself in the arms of Manfred Mann’s Earth Band and rock away, you won’t regret it.


Watch was Manfred Mann’s Earth Band’s Seventh LP.
Released in 1978 it was the second album to feature Chris Thompson on vocals.
‘Watch’ was the album that was meant to follow up the immensely successful ‘Roaring Silence’, an almost impossible task bearing in mind the world-wide success of ‘The Roaring Silence’
‘Watch’ amazingly managed to achieve the perfect follow up but it also exceeded the sales of the previous album in many territories.
‘Watch’ became a blockbuster album in Europe eventually achieving the status of the best selling album ever for the band!

Track listing

1. “Circles” (Alan Mark)
2. “Drowning on Dry Land/Fish Soup” (Chris Slade, Dave Flett, Manfred Mann)
3. “Chicago Institute” (Peter Thomas, Mann, Flett)
4. “California” (Sue Vickers)
5. “Davy’s On The Road Again” (John Simon, Robbie Robertson)
6. “Martha’s Madman” (Lane Tietgen)
7. “Mighty Quinn” (Bob Dylan)


* Manfred Mann – keyboards, backing vocals
* Chris Slade – drums, percussion
* Pat King – bass guitar, backing vocals
* Dave Flett – lead guitar, acoustic guitar
* Chris Hamlet Thompson – vocals, guitar


* Doreen Chanter – backing vocals
* Irene Chanter – backing vocals
* Stevie Lange – backing vocals
* Victy Silva – backing vocals
* Kim Goddy – backing vocals

(thanks to Wikipedia for the information supplied)