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Faces of Humanity – Some People – Blossomhead Music Video

“Some People” written by Greg Reid. From the album “Dream Beautiful”. Copyright © Astronomy Records 2008.

About the song Some People is one of those songs that turned into a gargantuan beast filling nearly every track we had on the mixer and then some.

It’s a funky beast that although sweet as sugar in parts, has a message that is quite biting and confronting.

I love the sound Herrin has on his guitar parts and the “Funky Love Horns” do their thing again. The end of the song has a message that sums it all up rather nicely.

We’re all much the same as the other when it comes to Love.

Myself To Me – about the song

MYSELF TO MEp00000057211.jpg

It’s a simple, short and to the point song that I felt needed to be on the album because apart from what it had to say, it was also something that was a bit of a counter balance to the songs that have more production on them.                       Apart from my doubled up vocals it’s bare to the bone.

This song is really about telling other people to *@#* off and stop playing head games.
I didn’t want their games or their lies and I didn’t need their Love, I just wanted to, find out who I was amongst it all.
Somewhere along the way I had lost myself and just wanted to thrash away all the bullshit that I had surrounded myself with, I just had to stop lying to myself and show myself to me and somehow find a way to be O.K. with what I saw.
It’s easy to say but not easy to do, to look at all your faults, cracks and broken pieces and still feel O.K. enough about your self to want to put yourself back together again.

If you want to be genuine about who you are then it’s what you’ve got to be with yourself ~ genuine.

Sometimes being a musician can be good therapy to help with the complexities we encounter in life and it’s cheaper than talking to a psychotherapist.