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Some People – about the song

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Some People is one of those songs that turned into a gargantuan beast filling nearly every track we had on the mixer and then some.
It’s a funky beast that although sweet as sugar in parts, has a message that is quite biting and confronting.

I love the sound Herrin has on his guitar parts and the “Funky Love Horns” do their thing again.

The end of the song has a message that sums it all up rather nicely.

We’re all much the same as the other when it comes to Love and what we do with it.

Some people give up before they start, some people fake it, some people hide it and some people can no longer feel it. Others create it and others deny it, some are frightened by it and a lot can’t seem to find it.
It’s easy to judge people for what they do but we have all experienced and done at least some of these things about Love.
So I guess this is a reflection for understanding and forgiveness, two things that help the world turn around.

Painted My Lover – about the song

PAINTED MY LOVERp0000005710.jpg


I wrote the lyrics to Painted My Lover after I saw a crazy painting by some crazy artist whose name I unfortunately can’t remember and it drives me crazy not being able to remember who it is.

This song is about being in perfect Love where nothing else could ever compare to the feeling of everything being so right there in the moment. The gentleness, the grace, the everything.

The place where everything just comes together, as it should, in the right way.
Falling in love changes our reality in such a profound way as our beings mix with the heady scent of romance that lightens our spirits and carries us off.

It’s a Love that if it ended tomorrow or the next minute, it wouldn’t matter.

The fact that it was at all is what’s important.

I love the slow waltz to this song and always feel like getting up and dancing to it.

Painted My Lover was the first time I had ever composed a song with strings in mind, the orchestration is something I’m really proud of and with the help of my good friend Herrin we managed to make something quite beautiful.

Herrin’s soft lead guitar dances beautifully with the strings and his piano playing adds a nice touch to the romantic feeling of the song.