When I first heard GREEN by Steve Hillage, I was sixteen and was starting to explore the vast ocean of music that stretched out before me into the years to come.
This album moved pieces around inside of me and I found a musical place that I have retreated to over the years when the pressures of the world begin to distort my sense of being.
There is something about this album that moves me in ways others don’t.
It is trippy, psychedelic, relaxing, interesting, innovative, hypnotic and soaring and introduced me to more of Steve Hillage’s other worldly albums and his roots in the trippiest band of all – Gong.

I can hear Steve Hillage’s influence in some bands nowadays, most notably the great Ozric Tentacles who he has worked with.
This is definitely an album to enjoy while under the influence of your choice.


Green is the fourth studio album by British progressive rock musician Steve Hillage. It was recorded December1977 – February 1978 primarily in Dorking, Surrey, and in London, and was produced and engineered by Nick Mason, of Pink Floyd fame.

The cover features a distinctive “pyramid fish” design by John Michell – an English writer and painter with a particular interest in numbers and geometric shapes. His design is based around the medieval vesica piscis shape – the intersection between two equal sized circles where the centre of each lies on the circumference of the other.

The album was initially issued on see-through green vinyl, with later pressings on normal black vinyl. The green vinyl pressing also included a poster of Hillage superimposed on a mountain range, with the pyramid fish symbol superimposed on his face. Those green vinyl pressings also came with an insert with lyrics and additional album information.
The limited edition green vinyl version of Steve Hillage’s Green album.


Track Listing
Side One

1. “Sea Nature”
2. “Ether Ships”
3. “Musick of the Trees”
4. “Palm Trees (Love Guitar)”

Side Two

1. “Unidentified (Flying Being)”
2. “U.F.O. over Paris”
3. “Leylines to Glassdom”
4. “Crystal City”
5. “Activation Meditation”
6. “The Glorious Om Riff”

(thanks to Wikipedia for the information supplied)