A New World Record was the first album I ever bought and it was the soundtrack through my early teen years.
I used to lie on my bed, close my eyes and listen to the song “Shangri-La” over and over, it was a magical time, puberty was changing me and this album helped me through that difficult time, opening me for the new music that was to come into my life.
Even when I listen to it today I get that magical feeling all over again.
The nucleus of E.L.O. were originally a band called The Move who had that memorable song “Cherry Blossom Clinic” and as happens to bands they evolved into E.L.O.
Roy Wood, one of the principle song writers left not long after to form a band called Wizzard and after that pursued a solo career
I’ve liked a lot of music from E.L.O. but this album would have to be their best I think.


A New World Record was the second album to be recorded at Musicland Studios in Munich, the LP proved to be the band’s long awaited breakthrough in the UK: after seeing their previous three studio recordings fail to chart in their home market, A New World Record became their first top ten album in the UK.
The LP became a huge global success and would consolidate the band’s position as one of the biggest selling rock bands in the world, reaching multi-platinum status in the US and UK.
The cover art features the famous ELO logo, designed by Kosh, for the first time.
This logo would be included on several of the group’s subsequent releases.

The album included the hit singles “Telephone Line,” which became the band’s first gold US single, “Livin’ Thing,” and “Do Ya” (US); and “Rockaria!” (UK).
The focus is more on shorter pop songs, a trend which would continue throughout the rest of ELO’s future albums.
In 2006, the album was remastered and released with bonus tracks.

The band’s frontman Jeff Lynne regards his own songwriting at this point to have reached a new high.
“The songs started to flow and most of them came quickly to me. To have all those hits, it was just …I mean amazing really. Going from doing okay for probably three or four years to suddenly being in the big time, it was a strange but great thing.     ” – Jeff Lynne 2006

Track listing

All songs written by Jeff Lynne.

Side one

1.     “Tightrope”
2.     “Telephone Line”
3.     “Rockaria!”
4.     “Mission (A World Record)”

Side two

1.     “So Fine”
2.     “Livin’ Thing”
3.     “Above the Clouds”
4.     “Do Ya”
5.     “Shangri-La”

* Jeff Lynne – vocals, lead, rhythm and slide guitars, percussion, piano
* Bev Bevan – drums, Minimoog drum, percussion, vocals
* Richard Tandy – piano, Minimoog, Micromoog, polyphonic keyboard, electric guitars,                                                    clavinet, grand piano, Mellotron, percussion, vocals
* Kelly Groucutt – vocals, bass, percussion, backing vocals
* Mik Kaminski – violin
* Hugh McDowell – cello
* Melvyn Gale – cello
* Mary Thomas – operatic vocals
* Patti Quatro – uncredited vocals
* Orchestra and choral arrangements – Jeff Lynne, Richard Tandy and Louis Clark.
* Orchestra conducted by Louis Clark.


(thanks to Wikipedia for the information supplied)