Dibberty Dabberty Dubberty Dan
Am I a goat or am I a man
Dibberty Dabberty Dubberty Dee
What is the future that I can forsee

My heart is wicked my soul is black
I conjure the signs of the zodiac
My bones are yellow my blood is gall
Images form in my crystal ball

The serpent fang of my fingernail
Spits out stars like a storm of hail
Capricorn Scorpio Dragon and Bear
I gather the universe out of the air

When shall be a propitious day
Only the planets I summon shall say
How they align when Leonius grins
Shall decided when the great festivity begins

What kind of maker of magic am I
Dibberty Dabberty Dubberty Die
The horns of the devil sprout out of my head
Dibberty Dabberty Dubberty dead