Petal was a song written late one beautiful summers night when a warm, gently scented breeze flowed through my window.
It is a song about the flower of life and we are all the petals that make it.
The Love for being alive is reflected in the soul of my day and the soul of my night and I try to live my life with an awareness of gratitude. We all have tiny demons that do the dance of duality with the tiny angels inside our minds.
This song is about saying to those demons and angels to lead me on to what I fear because when I face what I fear I can then be free of it and allow myself to grow more and isn’t growing and being useful a part of what life’s about?

Petal was recorded one afternoon on a DAT recording tape that was eventually lost leaving us unable to add or take away anything from the song if we needed to.
Fortunately for us we didn’t, we did most of it in first takes.
I love the soft intro to the song that I played on an old obscure steel string belonging to my wife at the time.
Once more the “Funky Love Horns ” kick in during the chorus and lift the song to another place and even though some didn’t think the horns should be in the song, I did and I’m glad they’re there.