Sometimes The Rain – Lyrics

Sometimes The Rain

Sometimes it seems like rain
Only fell yesterday
And through these tender years
It’s something I have missed
Rain doesn’t fall on you
When you’re not being true
To whatever you’ve learnt
About how things grow

There have been times
When I dreamt of water vines
And beakers full of dew
As sweet as Life
As sweet as you
And clouds so full of Love
They fall like rain down from above
And I would have to say
I’m glad you’re here today

There is a melody
That keeps its time inside of me
That makes me want to Live
Within the Love of you
And you are like the air
That blushes sweet when no ones there
And I am like the light that shines within your eyes

I can remember when
The wind was like a gentle friend
Caressing through our hair
The special Love we share
And on the day I die I will not run I will not hide
Because our Love will always be inside of me
Because our Love

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