People Are Frightened Of Change

It’s true, I used to be one of them and even today it is an uncomfortable transition.
People are frightened of change, change of address, change of relationship, change of circumstance and of course the biggest change of  all, death.

Having been one of the timid masses I can understand the reasons but cannot fathom the denial.                  If your life changes to such an extent where even Blind Freddy could see a change is needed in the course of a persons life, why wouldn’t you take up the challenge and find where it leads, it must surely be a better place then where you once were but not so for some, they will cling with all their strength screaming denial at the bloody obvious and why?
A simple malady we have all suffered from at some stage in our lives – the fear of change.

I have been surprised and disappointed by some people I thought made of tougher stuff, who have used their strength to hold on for dear life to their comfort zones even though the waters of life are dragging at them and will assuredly win in the end.
They create more suffering for themselves, needlessly.

Of late I have felt astonished at one person in particular that I know of  who even though he has suffered an injustice brought about by the path he was walking in life, still seems to have learnt nothing, he is still the same – the same mentality, the same way of viewing life and seemingly determined to continue walking the same path which led him to his predicament in the first place.

I have lived for 43 years and in that time have learnt sometimes through the hard way, that life will teach us what we need to learn whether we like it or not.
The wise will look for the lessons presented and make the best of the situation while the foolish will still struggle determinedly on their way, ignoring the bleeding obvious.

It seems their addiction to suffering means more to them than their ability to succeed in life.
So why would someone be addicted to suffering I hear it said?
Well there is usually some emotional pay off for them, whether it be the “poor me” syndrome, the “martyr ” syndrome, the “doormat” syndrome, or the “victim” syndrome, take your pick. I’m sure there are other reasons but these four spring to mind straight away.

It is understandable, it is unfortunate, it is sad, it is real and as I said before, nearly all of us have been in this situation where our mistakes have led us to the crossroads where we are given the opportunity to make a change for the better in our direction and learn.

The reason we make mistakes is to learn of better ways to live our lives for the short time we have them, so while I can have understanding and compassion, I feel no sympathy for those who continue to cause their own selves suffering when they have been given a unique opportunity to make a change for the better.

T o have courage is to have the ability to lead ourselves out of the valley of despair and accept the challenge to climb that mountain where we can gain a better perspective in the direction we need to go next.

If you lead others will follow, so be careful where you lead them by watching where your place your own footsteps, this is a responsibility we all share towards each other.

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