Tai Chi Too by Oliver Shanti is an absolutely magical album.
It was released in 1996 and every song is well crafted and superbly played.

Tai Chi Too was my first introduction to the music of Oliver Shanti and has led me on some wonderful imaginary journeys through the mountains and valleys of my mind.

So far Oliver Shanti has produced over 25 albums that would be described as “New Age Music”, all worth listening to when you need some help to find that quiet space inside you.

Upon doing some research for the album and artist, I discovered that Oliver Shanti (real name Ulirch Schulz), had a warrant and a reward of 3000 Euros for his arrest on suspicion of having committed child sexual abuse.
He went missing at the time and was reported to be living secretly in Germany or its adjacent countries.
He was arrested in Portugal on 29th of June 2008 and was charged with 314 cases of child abuse on the 20th April 2009.

Well that destroyed the nice image I had of the chap and reminded me of the old saying, “You can’t judge a book by its cover”.

Nonetheless, Tai Chi Too will always remain one of my favourite albums.

(thanks again to Wikipedia for the information supplied)


  1. on 07 Feb 2010 at 7:54 am Mary

    Hi There,

    I just love his music, and there are 2 sides of the story but I guess it is true as he has been tried and sentenced for 6 yrs, it is ashame as he used his power in the commune which he obviously lived and the powers that were bestowed upon him.

    I still love all his music and I agree it has a left a bitter taste.

    Kind regards

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