If you ever want to lay yourself down in an ocean of moonlight and listen to the whisper of a thousand hearts beating to the rhythm of two spirits in love, this is the album that will take you there.

SPIRT RHYTHMS are a combination of Annie Treyo and Kurt Lamont who are both multi instrumentalists and devotees to their guru Champa Lada, a indian mystic from the land of mystics.

NIGHT SONGS isn’t just an album of traditional, devotional chants, it is an incredible album that only comes around every now and then.

My earlier description was no exaggeration, this is one of those albums that transports you .
It excites you at the start and leaves you satisfied and content afterwards.

Annie and Kurt were a funny couple, very much in love but not taking it too seriously which was refreshing to see.

They felt themselves lucky to find each other in this life and believed they had spent previous lives together and would most probably be together in future lives.

They weren’t interested in going about being all analy spiritual, in the hope of getting off the whole reincarnation cycle thing through attaining enlightenment.

Annie and Kurt had worked out that enlightenment was a process that took many lifetime experiences to attain and they’d be wherever they would be when they got there.

In other words enlightenment happens when you become enlightened so they felt it important to enjoy the ride until they got there.

I don’t think I’ve ever met two more spiritual human beings who have learnt the lesson of merging the two instead of trying to keep them separate.

Being spiritual isn’t about being spiritual, it’s about letting the quality of your life reflect the quality of your spirit, while you are being human.

Being human is a tough thing to do.
It is full of pain, grief, despair, loss, regret, hope, imagination, creativity and the one that makes it all worthwhile, Love.
All of them wrapped up in the lessons of life.

As humans we are challenged to survive everyday, minute and second of our lives.
Our bodies are bombarded constantly with the challenges of a physical world, from the smallest of bacteria to the forces of nature over which we have no control.

After talking to them for a while, I knew that they were pretty aware people who had found a lot of their missing pieces so I didn’t understand why they were following a guru.
They both gave hearty laughs when I asked them that question.

They explained to me that the whole guru thing was just amusement for them.
Anyone who is happy to sit on a pedestal while sprouting words of wisdom, has either stolen that knowledge or just remembered but they’ve also forgotten how easily pedestals can fall over.

They all seem to come here to remind us of things we already know but hold themselves above everyone else, in fact most seem to encourage the cult of pedestal building.

They forget their place, which I suppose would be hard when everyone is telling you, you  are something more than what you are not.

For the album cover I used an image of a black hole as seen through a radio telescope.
It was left raw and untouched.
Annie and Kurt felt it said a lot about ebb and flow of a universe we are only just starting to understand.

They were both astronomer buffs and invited me out to their little woodland cabin one night for a star watch.

We walked for about fifteen minutes through the forest until we came to an opening of fields laid out before us and above them shone fields of starlight.

We each took turns at looking through the very powerful telescope that Kurt had happily carried on his back.

After a time of having looked at the fields of space, I closed my eyes and felt myself open  up into the energy of the starlight that radiated down upon us.

It felt as though I was rising far above my body, the earth, and out into the kaleidoscopic universe that unfolded before me.

I didn’t feel scared and I didn’t feel worried, I felt as though it was the rightest thing I had ever done.

Solar systems spun into galaxies and galaxies spun into star fields and star fields spun into stars and planets upon which life begins.

It was so, so beautiful that any words I use would be inadequate to describe the experience.

Suddenly Kurt and then Annie appeared before me and urged me to wake up.

I was starting to drift out too far, beyond where the connection that holds us to this planet of humanity, can go.

A soul can only go so far away from the planet when spirit traveling, before the connection is severed with the body.

They said that if I had kept going, my spirit would have left my body which would have died and the rest of my life would have been forfeited.

Apparently looking at the stars through the telescope had opened a part of my mind, letting my spirit free to float out into the stars.

Ever since that night I have felt a warm glow inside of me, that has guided me through some difficult situations and taught me to look at things differently, in a way that when I see where my expectations are, I look beyond them and see something else that is a journey within itself.

“Enlightenment itself is really very simple, learning to get there is the hard part,” Annie said as she and Kurt boarded their plane for Instanbul.                                                                                                                 They were going to visit a mountain tribe to learn the art of playing the Tar, a traditional instrument that was sort of like a gourdish guitar and was extremely tricky to play.

It wasn’t long after that I heard their plane had crashed in a mountainous region of Turkey, there were no survivors.

I hope that if reincarnation is real, Annie and Kurt find each other again in their next lives.

It was a privilege for me to have met them and share the experiences I did with them.

It may sound strange but whenever I listen to their album, I can almost feel them beside me humming along.

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