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I met Kore Roberts at a party held by a mutual friend, somewhere out in the wilds of somewhere really beautiful

I’d known Adam, the guy whose party it was, from my early days knocking around with musicians and artists and poets and all sorts of weird and wonderful people who were part of “the happening” as we used to call it.
Now it’s called the quickening and a few other things but the thing is the same.

It’s like the level of consciousness rises in people.
Whatever it is, it comes around every so many years, like the sixties, like the ebb and flow, a beautiful wave you surf into the beach on but you’ve got to stay aware or you’ll miss it and have to wait for the next one, that’s if you’re around to catch the next one.

That’s the sort of stuff we to rambleothize on about, about while under the influence of one thing or another.
It was a wild and crazy time full of promise and far horizons and we were young and felt we were invincible in our love for life, music, talent and good drugs.

Only thing is we all got caught up in the traps laid for us by the type of society we live in – debt, jobs, taxes and for some, families.

The years speed by one another and before you know it your older than you thought you were and you look behind at where you’ve come from and you see what you’ve left behind, and what you see before you is a place to leave something of your worth, before your existence reaches its end……..”see, rambleothize, once you start you can’t stop” said
Adam as he smiled his brilliant smile, that had blinded many into helping him reach the top of his ladder, which was the head of the biggest music label in corporate history – Planet Records.

I have scored some great design jobs from Adam and owe him much.
Some of my favourite jobs were through him and I had made firm friends with many genuine people in the industry, thanks to Adam.

He was happy to help as his philosophy was, “to pass on some of the good you’ve been given, share it around because it helps to make more”.

I’m the sort of person who likes to know and be friendly to a lot of people, but there are only a few that I would call close friends and would want to know until the day I die, Adam is one of them.

So that’s the story behind Adam and me who introduced me to this guy who I came to know as a special human being and a brilliant song writer, who made such beautiful music that the moon would cry if it heard it.

Kore Roberts was special guy who was headed for far horizons but whose life ended  tragicly and left the world a sadder place without him.

At the party we got to talking about music and its incredible effect on the human soul and when I told him I designed album covers, he immediately pulled out a demo tape of songs he was making for his first album – Painted Ladies.

He asked me if I would be interested in designing the cover for him.

Being the sort of person who doesn’t wish to offend and ends up wishing he had kept his mouth shut, I said I’d have a listen to his tape and get back to him.

People were always giving me tapes to listen to of music I didn’t like, so I shoved it in my coat pocket and forgot all about it until I was driving along the coastal highway a week later.

I needed to clear my head that was crowded with a weeks worth of designs for an idea I was working on and had borrowed a friends car for a few hours just to get away from it all.

The car had a tape player in it but no tapes to play until I reached into my coat pocket looking for a roach only to come across Kore’s tape.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained, I put the tape in the player and prepared myself for some average piece of crap to while away the next few hours with.

Imagine my surprise to find that the songs were actually very good, so good in fact, I forgot to smoke the roach I had found in my pocket and just cruised along for the next few hours listening to Kore’s album, again and again.

When I finally circled my way back home, I started to work on some ideas for the cover I had come up with while driving.

The next day I rang Kore and told him how much I liked his songs and if he was agreeable I’d design the cover for him.

We talked for awhile about the songs on the album and as Kore told me of the meaning behind each one, I came to see that he was a guy who looked beyond the surface of things and wasn’t afraid of the mortality of his life.
The fact that his life ended for someone else’s stupid reason still makes no sense to me.

Mort Jordan was a serial, religious, psycho who believed armageddon had told him to start killing people so they’d get to heaven quicker and be spared the torment of seeing the earth becoming the devils domain.

Unfortunately Kore was at the shopping centre where this guy decided to “God’s will” and was shot five times before Mr. Goodbar found someone else to go and save.

We were told that Kore died from the first shot and wouldn’t have felt the others.
We can only want to believe that’s the truth because if there ever was someone who left the world a bit better for his being and deserved not to suffer, it was Kore.

From a design point of view I really like the simplicity of the cover and I love the conflict of the image with the title of the album.

The back shows the inner core of an atom which was an analogy I always thought suited Kore, he was a simple yet very deep guy.

My favourite song from the album and probably all time, would be the last track, “If I Only Knew”.

It’s short, simple and says a lot.

If you ever see a copy of this album, buy it.

You wont regret it no matter what sort of music you like, because the songs on this album are the sort that grow from the inside out and they’re the best kind.

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