I had serious reservations about taking on the design of this album for two reasons.
The first was the reputation of the band JEWDUS and the second was the fear of death threats that would come from all kinds of strange people if I didn’t.

JEWDUS are you typical in your face, up your arse, punk/thrash/metal band that would only piss on you after you had burned to death.
Not very nice people.

They hail from the ghettos of New York and have made such an underground following for themselves they actually hit the charts with this album – LIGHT MY FIRE.

To say JEWDUS are controversial is putting it mildly.
They have made an art of getting publicity by doing insane, dangerous and perverse things.

It is well known that at their concerts, they will burn a living pig as part of their encore.
But it also guarantees that people will come to their shows and stay until the end, just to see a pig being burnt alive.

The band have been picketed and taken to court by various animal rights groups for cruelty to animals but so far have eluded fines or jail sentences, thanks to their highly over paid lawyer.

Apparently, no one could prove wether the pig was alive or dead before it was set alight.
The band claim to switch the live pig everyone else sees, with a dead one before they set it on fire.

So far no one has been able to disprove this because no one is allowed on the stage except for the band and their loyal crew and all members of animal rights organsiations are banned from Jewdus concerts.

Even the name of the band itself is a red flag for most people.

Rumours circulate that the bands original name was Jewdust but the mother of one of the band members who was a holocaust survivor objected to it.
So the band went one better and creatively named themselves after the most reviled man in religious history – Judas.

The album LIGHT MY FIRE is ten tracks of screaming, thrashing, bashing ugliness.
The lyrics of the songs encourage violence, racism, sadism and other things that should have been thrown out of human consciousness and into the dustbin a long time ago.

I’m not proud of being a part of such an album but as I said before, fear took over reason and courage left by the back door.

The cover is of a tattoo belonging to the singer in the band, Sick Dick.
He insisted I use it as the cover and left me to it with an unsaid but menacing alternative if I didn’t.

It took me three days of rationalizing and posturing to talk myself around to not hating myself for doing the cover.

I can’t even remember now how it came to be that I even agreed to do it but I did and had  made my bed, so I lay in it.

Strangely, the only thing I do like about the album is the cover.
It’s a great tattoo, full of colour and meaning, especially in the context of the albums name.

You can take its meaning as liberating or threatening but if you ever come across this album, take a moment and a deep breath before you decide if you’ll listen to it because once you do, if you’re anything like me, you’ll wish you hadn’t.

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