German Nilhist band ECO hit the big time with this album selling millions upon zillions.

They were a four piece made up of very different characters who while able to make great music together were incapable of getting along as human beings.

Gary Borden the bass player had his face slashed by their drummer Klaus Schmidt, who had found out that Gary had been screwing his wife while Klaus had been at de-tox in between albums.

Steve Obrien the guitarist had nothing in common with the other members of the band.
While they had come from privileged backgrounds, Steve was a hard knocker from the land of hard knocks.
He was working class, loved the pub, women, drugs but mostly his guitar.
He spoke rough, lived rough and played sweetly.
It was Steve’s guitar work that made the album what it was.

The band were unique because their manager/guru was an invisible being called Jim the Chosen who could only be heard by the singer Isoma.

Invisible or not, Jim the Chosen’s advice helped ECO to hit the big time.
They were finally rolling in money and fame and the road ahead was pave with gold

It was because of Jim that the band had become such a success Isoma believed, but the pressure of bringing out such a successful album had been to much for Jim who announced to the world through Isoma, that they were both quitting the music business and were going to go and live in the ocean with the dolphins.
They also took all the money the band had made, with them.

The band broke up but this only made the album sell more and more and a legend grew up around the disappearance of Isoma.

There were reports that he had seen by sailors as a half man/half dolphin swimming out in the deep ocean or that he had become an alien who flew around the world in his own space ship.
What actually happened was that he just went crazy and forgot who he was, ending up in a sanitarium dribbling about Jim the Dolphin.

Gary Borden bought a Muckdonalds franchise and made squilllions but became more and more unhappier until he joined a monastery, became Brother Francis and was never seen or heard from again.

Klaus Schmidt works as a hairdresser in his hometown of Schlaussenberg and is almost an icon amongst the gay scene of Germany.

Steve Obrien became a fan of Stockhausenz, a gypsy mystic who made music about nothing.
There was no sound on the recordings but Stockhausenz said that if you listened to it enough you could hear the music inside nothing.

So Steve spent the rest of his musical career listening to and making recordings of nothing, which wasn’t a great career move and a terrible waste of talent.

The cover seems so simple but actually took me days to come up with.
There must have been about one hundred and twenty different versions of the same image until I finally found the right one.

The face on the cover belongs to Astrid, the drummer’s wife who divorced Klaus, sued Gary for giving her a venereal disease and became a buddhist lesbian.

I find her stare haunting, questioning, thoughtful and silently accusing as though behind her wall of an icy stare, she is about to burst into tears.

My favourite track on the this album would have to be “She Flew Into Me Through Morning”.
I have no idea what it means but it sends me somewhere else every time I hear it.

Whatever you or I may think about the bands personal lives, they made a mark in music that won’t be forgotten.

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