I have always had a passion for the art on music album covers.
When I was a young teenager I had album covers all over the walls of my bedroom as my journey into the wonderful world of music really began.

I loved their design, the shapes and lines of things, the colours, the combinations, the ideas and the revelations. In buildings, music, art, nature, even our bodies there is the wonder and marvel of design.

We humans are wonderful at designing and creating, at bringing an idea into actually being.
I guess that’s what sets us apart from the other animals on the planet and gives us a sense of superiority, we can create and our creations can affect the world.

Even though at times music seems to have stagnated, the artwork of album covers has always kept evolving, pushing boundries, daring to be adventurous and different.

Most of the album covers I enjoyed looking at were made by the British art design group – Hipgnosis. It was from their creative minds that bands such as Pink Floyd, Wishbone Ash. UFO, The Alan Parsons Project, Led Zeppelin, 10cc, Genesis, Bad Company and many others had such great album covers. Incidently, it was Pink Floyd who set them on their path when they asked Storm Thorgerson and Aubrey Powell the founding memebers of Hipgnosis, to  design the artwork for the groups second album – A Saucerful of Secrets. Hipgnosis were in operation from 1968 until 1982.

For me collecting record albums wasn’t a hobby, it was something I loved both for the music and the art work. Sometimes I would buy a cheap copy of a crappy band just for the great art work on the cover.

There were many times I spent more money on record albums then I did food but having the records satisfied me in a way that food couldn’t, besides if you need to you can live well enough cheaply.

I would love looking through my record collection, much as gardeners do throughout their gardens or cooks through their cookbooks. I loved the names of the bands, the names of their albums, the ideas and the artwork and the over all design of how it was all put together.

Even though circumstances demanded it, I was foolish enough to sell most of my record album collection at a time when I needed money, a thing that I will probably keep on beating myself over my head with for a while yet.

I kept a few but lost a lot though my love for the design of album art has never waned and it still feels like the right place for me to be.

So I figured why not make my own album art and my own bands and my own alter ego, make a part in the world for that part of me that loves designing album covers.

What follows is a ficticious book about a ficticious me, a blossom I found within the garden of my mind.
A me that perhaps is another life.

Would I have made a good album designer?
I’ll let you decide and look forward to any comments you may like to share with me.

If any of you are struck with a sudden desire to have me design your album cover or book cover, please contact me.

Serendipity is one of those delightful things that occasionally appear in a persons life, when you know your feet are exactly where they’re supposed to be.

The following presentation shows 14 album covers and their accompanying stories that I have chosen for this book from the hundreds I have done throughout my career.

Please Enjoy and Blossom On

Blossomhead Reid

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