A mate of mine in the music business offered me this job.
I was desperate and up to my eyes in bills so that’s my excuse for doing this job.

Woody Talbot was a country and western singer who was making quite a name for himself only it was for the wrong reasons.

Woody was a good singer but a crap song writer so he sang other peoples songs without remembering to ask for their permission first.

After the first law suit, Woody and his manager Major Albert, put out the call to all aspiring song writers to enter a competition and if chosen, their song would be recorded by Woody Talbot.

Now anyone whose been in the music business long enough, would know that song writers have the worst of it.
Always struggling to write that perfect song and selling the others for a pittance so they could eat and buy drugs.

To have a song recorded by a major artist and living off the royalties is the holy grail for all song writers and the ironic thing is that most song writers could sing and perform the song much better than the latest fad who sings it all the way up the charts.

I sometimes wonder wether the cost of actually producing a one hit song and a film clip to go with it, is actually worth the effort or the money.

Anyway back to Woody.
I never actually met him but I have seen some publicity shots and heard the album once it was released.

Woody was your typical good looking, talentless, ego tripping eighty six year old wannabe music star who was actually a quite a nice guy.
He entered the music business late in life, at age eighty to be precise.

I spoke to him on the phone a couple of times during the design of the album cover and asked him what ideas he had for it.
Girls, surfing and girls was all he had to say.

He told me that girls, surfing and girls were his three favourite things in all the world and music was just a way of getting them.

So I had two things to work with – Girls and Surfing.

I found the picture of the girls on the surfboards in an old magazine and figured it was just what I was looking for.

I made a few different versions using different fonts, colours and shades for different effects.
I sent them to Woody who chose the one he liked the most.

Woody wasn’t the most imaginative of guys and had no idea of what to call the album.
When I suggested the title ”All the girls love Woody”, he laughed so much he almost choked on his false teeth.

It wasn’t until someone pointed out to me the other meaning for woody or “having wood” that I realised why Woody had almost left this world before the album was finished.

Once the album was released, it was acclaimed as a milestone in recording history because only one song had been submitted by an unknown song writer from a little town still living in the 1950’s.

On the album there were nine different versions of the one song which became so well known that Woody actually got the girls and a little house by the beachside where he could go surfing every day to his hearts content.

Unfortunately, before he could enjoy the fruits of his labour, his heart reached its expiry date and Woody Talbot left this world for that great music hall somewhere up in the sky.

I still have my copy of Woody’s album and on occasion I pull it out, dust it off and play frisbee with my dog Floyd.

Sorry Woody but I can only listen to one song nine different ways before I have to find another use for the album it came on.

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