Living In The Suburbs

After living in the country for almost twenty years I was forced by unfortunate circumstances to live in the suburbs.
The suburbs, where you can hear your next door neighbour snore, itch and fart, where the ritual of the lawn mower and brush cutter have taken the place of the birds singing in the trees and the once gentle fragrant breezes are replaced by the fossil fumes of automobiles racing each other down the white line of the freeways of hell.
For some this is a place they have settled for, sold the rest of their lives for, a place where they will raise their families, struggle to keep their marriages together under the relenting pressures such an environment brings and they will probably die here never having known that there are places far better to have lived in as the time of their frail, human bodies tick down to the day of their death.
For the sake of convenience and the false glitter of material distractions they have traded privacy and a healthy and peaceful environment for themselves and their families.
But then perhaps these people have no understanding or love for the satisfaction that comes from growing your own food amongst the turning of the seasons that herald and reflect the rise and decline of our own physical bodies.
In a way I admire them for their resilience to keep living amongst such pressures, for their ability to turn a deaf ear to their inner voices that silently whisper “There’s got to be a better way”.

Within the first day of living here I knew it wasn’t for me, I knew that if I settled for this I would surely wither and die, I would lose myself and fade into the grey mists of forgetfulness.
I also realised that if I hated being here, living here, if I hated my overly loud, ignorant neighbours I would have lost before I even began because by wrapping myself in the mantle of hate my sense of being and inner power would vanish not to mention that I would be adding to “the other side” and what use would that be?

I miss “SKYVIEW” my home in the country, a place I loved dearly. A place where my children’s placenta’s are buried beneath their own special trees, a place of fond memories, a sanctuary for myself and my friends and family, a place that had meaning for me where I used to be able to lie in bed at night and watch the stars do their dance across the midnight sky, where I grew my vege’s in the life giving dirt of the good earth and a place where I would find peace and harmony as I sat on my verandah watching the light slowly change the colours in the valley below.
But all things must change and even though sometimes we don’t understand the reason, eventually that reason is found. It is a fool who bemoans their loss without seeing the benefit of what they have gained.
Without a challenge I would not be forced to grow and change and I could think of nothing worse than stagnation that tends to sneak up on you and lock you into place when you no longer think or be outside of your comfort zones.

Challenges? Bring them on for I have survived this far and still feel blessed, I have discovered a strength within me that I never believed possible and would never have found if it hadn’t been for the adversity and challenges I have faced.
Sure I moan and complain sometimes when there seems to be one thing after another, when doing even the most simple of tasks is painful and difficult but somewhere along the line I chose to find myself, to discover the depths of my strength and resolve and to continue walking towards the light as the winds of despair try and convince me I am not worthy, that I should give in, HA! Don’t those tricky wind tunnels of my mind know yet? Don’t they understand that dark times are my salvation because they bring me to the light and I love being in the light, I want to be seen as an example of what someone can achieve no matter what, little egocentric me.

So wherever you live take stock of what you’ve got and turn your loss into something worthwhile, for yourself, for your loved ones and for the planet as a whole. Remember that as you live your life you will be adding to the weave of existence so leave something of worth behind you because you never know you might be coming back.
Love and Blossoms to you,

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