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Faces of Humanity – Some People – Blossomhead Music Video

“Some People” written by Greg Reid. From the album “Dream Beautiful”. Copyright © Astronomy Records 2008.

About the song Some People is one of those songs that turned into a gargantuan beast filling nearly every track we had on the mixer and then some.

It’s a funky beast that although sweet as sugar in parts, has a message that is quite biting and confronting.

I love the sound Herrin has on his guitar parts and the “Funky Love Horns” do their thing again. The end of the song has a message that sums it all up rather nicely.

We’re all much the same as the other when it comes to Love.

Everchanging View – Music Video – Blossomhead

More Famous Than Jesus – Music Video

Human Rights, Freedom, Oppression, War, Politics,  Religion and Genocide.

This song comes with an explicit lyrics warning.

More Famous Than Jesus – Blossomhead – Explicit Content
Uploaded by Astronomy_Records

To read more about this song and how I wrote it, click here.

Something Missing – Blossomhead – Psychedelic Punk Rock Music Video

This is a short and sweet and heavy little song set to crazy psychedelic visuals. Hope you enjoy the ride.



The Butterfly Ball – Song by Roger Glover – Art by Alan Aldridge

Many thanks to the amazing artist Alan Aldridge for his kind permission and encouragement for “Cassandra” to be on the Dream Beautiful album. Read about Alan Aldridge on Wikipedia.

Here is a song you may remember that Alan Aldridge created the artwork for. The song was written and performed by Roger Glover. Great video clip and a wonderful song.


Butterfly – Glorious Butterfly Slide Show

A beautiful little song that will take you away…

Made more lovely by the glorious images of butterflies you will find here. You could also subscribe to the record labels free podcast to receive this and other movies as they are published!