Fields Of Space – about the song

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I wrote this song one day as I pondered the dark things inside of me and in other people.
I imagined my body opening up and breaking apart into the atoms that make it and floating off through the endless fields of space, something that will eventually happen to the atomic structure of our bodies.
It was all such a mystery to me at the time, all those existential symbols metamorphosing into balloons of freedom that were floating around in my brain just waiting to go POP!

This was a song that had a destiny.
Before Herrin and I had become friends, I knew that for some reason he would be involved with this song.
After a friendship of many years, I was in hospital trying to will my body to overcome the ravages of chemotherapy and the death sentence of cancer.
Herrin dropped in one day to my hospital room with a version of the song. He had done the vocal track naturally because I couldn’t roll myself over in bed much less sing at the time.

I had a listen and decided then and there that I wanted Herrin to do the lead vocal and I would do the backing vocal. I knew it was a song that Herrin loved singing and playing and I was glad to let him go for it.

The results speak for themselves


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