Kissing me – about the song

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At the time I wrote this song I was married and very much in love with my wife at the time.
I wanted to write a song that reflected how I felt but I didn’t want it to be some ordinary sloppy love song.
I hopped in the van and drove somewhere private with pen, paper and guitar and opened up my heart and mind and let what came out, come.
Once I knew I had something worthwhile, I returned home and played the song to my wife who began crying with tears of love and gratitude.
It is a wonderful thing when you feel the love of another kissing you.

Once more my friend Jai added his touch to the song lifting it up to heights I had not seen and giving it a unique feel I had not imagined.
This also was a song that was recorded in a short session of a few hours, seemingly coming together in a way that felt as right as the smile on my face and the happiness in my heart.
It was a session in which I recorded three songs, this being one of them, overnight so I could give them to my wife in time for her birthday.
I enjoyed the session, the accomplishment, the sunrise and her smile.

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