Dancing In The Garden – about the song


Originally this song was called “Dancing In The Garden With Elizabeth”.                                                                                                              I didn’t know an Elizabeth at the time but for some reason it seemed right to call it by that name.
I wrote the bulk of this song many years ago but never was able to finish it, I had everything else but the beginning to the song.
It wasn’t until a week before I met my ex-wife, whose name just happened to be Elizabeth, that I finally found the beginning to the song somewhere in the recesses of my musical mind.
Strange and wonderful how these things sometimes happen.

It is the only instrumental on the album and was recorded very quickly and very simply with classical guitar and accompanying keyboard/cello track courtesy of a friend called Jai.

Even though I like the simplicity of the song, I would one day like to develop it some more adding strings and things to give it some of the majesty I hear when I listen to the song.

I no longer call it “Dancing In The Garden with Elizabeth” because she is gone and I have moved on but the song keeps on dancing.


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