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I once stayed with friends who owned a property that was an old commune back in the late sixties and early seventies.
It was a beautiful place up in the mountains and was filled with the work and memories of other people.
There was a big barn, a mud brick sauna, a yurt and the main farmhouse, a nice lush place expressing the talents and tastes of people long past.
Not far from it was a huge waterfall that cascaded down into the tropical valley below.

I was shown an old diary found on the property that had belonged to a lady called Barbara who had once lived on the commune.
In it she talked about her travels though Asia and Arabia.
There were beautiful sketches and drawings woven throughout the book of clothing and jewelery, buildings and people she had seen, there were also thoughts and poems.
One of these poems was for someone called Alan and it fitted perfectly to a bunch of chords I was playing around with at the time.
I found some of the imagery in the poem quite beautiful.

I just knew that Wendy, a friend who played piano would be perfect for this song and some other songs on the album, I’m so glad I was right.

The violin track was actually an earlier piano track Wendy had laid down that I turned into a violin through the wonders of technology. After many hours editing it finally sounded just what I’d imagined it would sound like if a real violin player had played the part.

Even though I didn’t write the lyrics to this song, I’m glad to have recorded it and given it a life it would other wise have never had.

I’d like to thank you Barbara wherever you are and I hope you like what I’ve done with your poem.

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