Dream Beautiful – The Album

If you enjoy original music that has been inspired by musicians like Roy Harper, Pink Floyd, Donovan, Sex Pistols, Gong, Jackson Browne, Rodriguez and many other great songwriters from a span of generations, you will enjoy listening to this new album.

74 minutes, 24 songs, 11 musicians.

7 years in the making.

1 epic album.

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Dream Beautiful

Dream Beautiful – 24 songs that cover a lot of ground, texturally, musically and emotionally. From orchestrated progressive rock, to tasteful acoustic guitar and vocals, to contemporary beats, and jazz, this album explores many genres making it very much a fusion of styles and an album full of interesting songs. Go to the sound samples page, to listen to the musicGreg Reid with guitar

But always the earnest, emotionally deep voice of Blossomhead’s singer and songwriter Greg Reid is there to anchor the changing music.

Before, after and during the recording of this album, the Songwriter, musician and eccentric, Greg W. Reid’s life crashed in what seemed a series of devastating events that led him to the understanding many had experienced before him, once your as down as far as you can get, the only way left is up.

“Profound experiences in life tend to leave you stripped of the social makeup we place upon our selves.         A change happens, that lets you see yourself and the life around you in another way, a more open, honest and undeniable way. Whether you choose to keep going up, down or sideways is always a choice, the gift of self determination and being responsible for our own lives.”

Along with friends he has created a beautiful work of musical variety whose lyrics reflect feelings we all experience as the complex beautiful beings we are

“I have survived some challenging times in life and have succeeded to publish this work of what has been described by some as one of grand proportions. I sincerely hope you find something amongst these songs that help you on your journey” ~ Greg

img_0759.jpg Music surpasses all boundaries, differences, cultures and           probably even solar systems.                                                  Like dreams it is infinite and does not discriminate and how blessed we are to have it in our lives.                                         Everybody dreams, some people don’t remember, some want to forget and some just DREAM BEAUTIUL

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